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About us

About us

At Wee Kids we aim at holistic development of your child. Curriculum is developed keeping in mind age appropriate learning for the kids. More meaningful and realistic approach is adopted while designing the themes for children. We believe in providing an atmosphere which is warm, nurturing and conducive.

The curriculum has been developed taking the best practices from several early childhood practices, especially from the Montessori method and multiple intelligences theory.

Children are not blank slates waiting to be written on as is traditionally thought of in quite a few philosophies. They are not there to be “moulded” by us into whatever we want them to be. Children are individuals in their own right and have their own personalities which need to be nurtured and motivated to achieve more. Child need to be exposed to the right environment and need to be provided with the right set of tools that will aid in their overall development. The structured environment is extremely important in the overall development of the child. Here at Wee Kids, we believe in the fundamental principle i.e. “Follow the child”. We instead of just dictating the things, tries to understand your child’s needs / requirements and address those needs.


"Our aim is a holistic development of your child through right environment and nurturing his instincts."


"Creating better future for every child because your child deserves the Best."