Get ready for lots of fun and mastiiiiiiii ...... WEE KIDS organising its Super Cool Summer camp for kids. Starting from 14th April to 26th April & 5th May to 17th May.CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS
Our Schedule

Our Schedule


AGE REQUIRED - 1.5/2 yrs to 2.5/3 yrs

METHOD - Playway and activity based learning

AIM - Exploring & Learning

Key highlights of the programme -
  • We follow a child centric pre-school curriculum, the purpose of which is the appropriate development of the child.
  • Fosters learning in a way that is highly enjoyable to the child and easily implementable by the teachers.
  • Encourages Sharing and caring attitudes among the peer group of children.
  • An atmosphere which is warm and nurturing the child’s inherent skills.
  • Focus on the development of child’s gross and fine motor skills.



AGE REQUIRED– 2.5/3 yrs to 3.5/4 yrs

METHOD - Primary Play way with the regular use of Montessori Materials

AIM - Smooth transition to formal school

Key highlights of the programme -

Children’s interest and background is used as a basis for activities.
  • Provision for individual and group participation
  • Opportunity for holistic development
  • An interest and awareness about the world around them is stimulated and sustained
  • Scope for creativity and new discoveries
  • An opportunity to develop problem solving skills , decision making skills etc
  • An opportunity to develop appropriate communication skills and language development
  • An atmosphere which is warm, nurturing and conducive for stimulating love for learning.
  • Develop personal social and emotional skills, independence and age appropriate self-help skills


Day care Centre

It's just like your child’s Home away from Home. We take care of your children like parents so that you can concentrate on your daily routine without any tensions about your kids. We have complete clean and hygienic environment here at Wee Kids Daycare Centre. Your children enjoy toys with their friends developing the sharing and caring attitude for a life time. We have games, puzzles, story books and lot of other activities which keep them engaged for an entire day.


Environment at our school

Children need to be exposed to the right environment and need to be provided with the right set of tools that will aid in their overall development. The structured environment is extremely important in the overall development of the child.

Our environment does not include a traditional blackboard and benches / desks. Children are taught in an environment where the materials are laid out at child level and the child learns while working with the materials. Each material has specific objectives that we would like to meet which in turn leads to development of a particular skill / interest in the child. Apart from that complete hygiene is maintained during toilet training, tiffin time. Environment is such that children love to be there for a longer time.