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Parents trusted us and appreciated about the culture, learning method, behavior, results with evaluation process of each child and the way we have conducted sessions. We got the token of thanks in terms of good feedback of Parents which has given new energy to start again new session with full passion.

Big Hello, from Wee kids to our dear parents. We will be sharing articles n tips on parenting on our website. We hope    that this will help you to enjoy n cherish each moment with your little ones,

In todays world, when both mother n father are professionals, they have to balance work and home and the only time they get to spend with the child is on weekends. To make this quality time enjoyabke n memorable, we suggest few tips:

  1. Have breakfast n meals with all the family members. Let it have happy surrounding n enjoy that u eat, your child too will bond n learn to eat.
  2. Recite nursery rhymes or your mother tongue songs ( badbad geet) to them, you will be surprised to discover that either your child dances well have rhythm or has interest in songs. This helps in developing vocab n they learn faster with music.
  3. At home you can engage in little plays like hide n seek, catch me, bat n ball, doll house, chuk chuk train, clay modelling, colouring with crayons etc. With this too you n the child bonds n helps in development of the gross motor skills like running, holding n throwing the ball/bat, body coordination etc.
  4. In the evenings, take your child to a nearby garden, visit to a temple or relatives or family friends or be with them when they play with their play mates. This helps in development of social skills like knowing the people close to family, rituals, sharing, greeting others when you meet, caring, bonding etc

All the mentioned activities will certainly help you discover the personality of your child. At times the child may or may not respond but try it few times n it may work. Being glued to Electronic media, most of the time would hamper the childs growth and hence the above tips.

We are sure you will enjoy the quality time spent with your child. It will bring a wide smile on your face and you will be fresh to take the week ahead.